Welcome to Arubah Farm! Arubah is a Hebrew word that means “restoration to sound health” and is pronounced ar-oo-bah. Our goal is to raise happy, healthy goats in a natural and holistic manner and to create goat milk products that can help return you to sound health. In a world of technology and convenience our systems are constantly bombarded with processed “food” and electromagnetic fields that can really bog our bodies down. Our philosophy at Arubah Farm is to reduce as much of this as possible by using holistic methods for our goats and striving to create goat milk products that truly are good for your skin with no harmful ingredients. We are passionate and committed to these philosophies.
Our kids are dam raised, we do not bottle feed unless absolutely necessary. Our kids stay with their mom and the herd until they are old enough to be weaned, at which point they can be sold to their new homes.
We are a small working family farm in beautiful Tualatin, Oregon. Our goats are part of the family as well as working livestock. We take great pride in our goats and each one knows their name and has their own unique personality.

New Goat For Sale

This is where your next goat will go. I would recommend that if we are pre selling a group of kids we come up with a logo or something to let people know they are [...]