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Our farm started in 2011 with 4 chickens. Building a chicken coop was almost the downfall of our marriage, who knew chickens would be the first big test of our marriage? Thankfully we all survived the chicken coop building process and looking back it is quite comical, but when you don’t know what you don’t know – it gets stressful quickly. After the chickens got settled we ventured into buying a Hereford steer calf from our neighbor that raises these beautiful cows. Buxton was actually born on our property, so of course I had to keep him! I am a sucker for anything baby and Buxton was gorgeous.
In 2012 after months of researching we bought our first two Mini Nubian goat kids, Hope and Grace. I took a week off of work and brought them home. I had no idea goats were SO cool!!! My niece and nephew thought baby goats jumping on their backs was the most fun they’d had in years. The kids were not weaned and needed to be bottle fed for 4-6 weeks after we brought them home. Hope had been bottle fed as a baby and was familiar with taking a bottle, but Grace had never seen a bottle and was not having any part of it! I learned quickly that goats will not drink pasteurized milk – so I had to drive all over town searching high and low for raw milk which time consuming, expensive and incredibly stressful. For this reason, I will not sell any kid until they have been weaned off of their mother’s milk. I feel it is healthier for the kids and the moms and lowers the stress for new owners and kids during their transition time.
We settled on the Mini Nubian breed because of their size and personalities. We didn’t want a 200+ pound goat and I loved the look of the Nubian with their gorgeous flopping ears, how could anyone resist those ears? I describe their size as a little bigger than a golden retriever. Does are usually around 80-100 pounds and bucks are under 135 pounds. For half the size of a standard Nubian, and half the cost of feeding, you still get up to 2/3 of the amount of milk that a standard Nubian would produce. This seemed like good math to me, plus the size is manageable for me to handle the goats on my own if my husband isn’t available. Mini Nubians are sweet, docile, lovable animals that are always excited to see you (unless it’s pouring down rain, then they have to take a second to decide that you’re worth venturing out into the rain for)! They love attention and provide lots of laugh out loud moments. You just can’t be upset when you’re hanging out with a Mini Nubian!
Our approach to life and raising goats is natural is better. We strive to provide natural, holistic care to our goats. We use doTerra Essential Oils, Dr. Christopher’s Vitalerbs, Land of Havilah’s herbal wormer and many of Molly’s Herbals products.
To learn more about essential oils, visit my website.
To purchase Dr. Christopher and Land of Havilah’s herbal wormer, please visit her HERE. Kristie has a lot of wonderful information on her website!
For Molly’s Herbals and also the best resource for kidding how-to, please visit their website HERE.
Click on the link for Molly’s Herbals
For more detailed information on the products we use please visit our Goat Care page.
We are proud members of the Miniature Dairy Goat Association and our entire herd is tested annually for CAE, Johne’s Disease, CL and Brucella through WADDL, Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab. Our herd is negative for all of these diseases, results provided to potential buyers upon request.

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