Goat Care

Goat Care:
All of our animals are fed Thorvin Kelp topped with black oil sunflower seeds and Dr. Christopher’s Vitalerbs daily.
I add a splash of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar to their water buckets most days. It helps break down rock minerals present in the water.
Does are fed alfalfa and orchard grass hay free choice daily. The boys get orchard grass hay and alfalfa only during freezing temperatures and in moderation. In addition to the hay they all have access to browsing pastures.
I use Kristie Miller’s grain # 3 recipe, see her Natural Raising recipe HERE.
We use a lot of her methods on our farm.

A few items we always have on hand for our goats:
Dr. Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone Formula, massage oil. This stuff works miracles! We had a doe missing a tooth and one about to fall out. I put this on her gums and jaw bone and the missing tooth grew back and the loose tooth is secure to this day! I use this formula on any wound for the goats, dogs and us.
Dr Christopher’s X-Ceptic extract. Stings like a *!@*!! But it prevents infection
Lavender, melaleuca (tea tree) and eucalyptus essential oils from doTerra. The three oils can be combined together in olive oil and sprayed on the coats to remove lice. Yes, this really does work, I was a total skeptic at first but it absolutely works! You have to apply it twice to stop the life cycle.
Immune ST from Molly’s Herbals – this is my first defense against colds when the weather starts to turn and the rain begins. Our goats LOVE this formula!!
Cayenne powder – stops bleeding quickly.
Land of Havilah Herbal Wormer – love this stuff – but do NOT get it in your eyes! I made that mistake exactly once.